Thursday, December 4, 2008

oscar season

i love movies and i love awards. hence, i love oscar season. i like checking all the awards websites and finding out what movies have "the buzz."

it's funny - before my former roommate was involved in an oscar campaign for her boss, i didn't realize that there are actually very few surprises when movies are nominated. if you don't follow all the info, you wake up that morning in february and say, oh, okay, weird, that movie or person or whatever got nominated. but it's all pretty predictable if you follow the info. anywayz...

so far, i'm fully behind "slumdog millionaire." the movie was fucking phenomenal. i thought "milk" was good not great (though sean penn was amazing). "the curious case of benjamin button" was intriguing, but really long and somehow... not very compelling. i only saw that one last night so haven't quite formed a full opinion of it yet. i might try to get to a "frost/nixon" screening tonight, but i have to do laundry so... yeah. probably not.