Wednesday, October 8, 2008


do i need to move to la?

production jobs are few and far between up here, and it would be much easier to get that kind of work down south. but... then i'd have to live in la. and i don't like la.

i have thought about trying to take a 3 month gig down there and seeing how i like it. that might be the way to go if/when i get laid off and if/when this other job doesn't come through.

i am able to ignore the internal debate about sf vs. la until someone else, in this case another coworker, tells someone that for what i want to do, i should really be in la. and i know it's the truth. but i don't want to be there.

like i said. fuuuuuuuuck.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

about last night...

zoe and i went out.  we drank more than a drivable amount, so she stayed over.

at one point in the night, she got up to go to the bathroom.  when she returned, she thought, huh, eoin rolled over to my side of the bed, weird.  that's not a very funny joke?  except then she realized i was still where she left me.

so i hear zoe saying my name and hitting my leg and i'm all out of it and tired and drunk and try to ignore her, until i hear her say "YOU HAVE TO TURN THE LIGHT ON RIGHT NOW."  which i did.

i looked at the foot of my bed, and zoe was standing there laughing her ass off.  to my left?  was my roommate.


"oh," says eoin, "how did you end up here?"
"i have no idea" replies mark.

he promptly got up, said "i must have been there for a while" (except that zoe had been in the bathroom for... 1 minute), tightened his robe (i don't even want to think about the fact that he sleeps naked), and walked out.

zoe and i spent 2 minutes staring at each other, laughing, and just generally being confused.   then we passed out again and zoe forgot it happened.

when i talked to mark this morning, he apologized and said he had no idea what had happened, that he must have gotten up to go to the bathroom and then just kinda sleep walked into my room and passed out.  i don't know.  it was hysterical slash crazy slash thank god it was him and not his boyfriend because i would have shit my pants if i'd woken up to a stranger in my bed.  although......

Friday, October 3, 2008


at an interview recently, i was asked "what are your favorite movies of all time?" what a horrible question. fortunately for me, given where i was interviewing and what industry i'm in, i had anticipated the question. after saying, "wow, that's a tough one, can i give you a few?" here is what i ended up with:

1) In America. an amazing, quiet little movie about irish immigrants in new york city in the 80s. without fail, makes me cry every time. as sara said at the end, between sobs, "that is seriously the best film i've ever seen."
2) Comedy block. i love a good laugh, so i threw mean girls, national lampoon (vacation, christmas vacation, and european vacation), 40 year old virgin, and freaky friday into a group. (also, apparently i'm a teenage girl).
3) the "i also love stupid movies" category. here we find national treasure, the day after tomorrow, and other rainy/hungover day yarns like casino royale and the bourne movies.
4) gladiator, brokeback mountain, and capote. the "i also like quality movies" category.
5) finding nemo. because ellen degeneres is awesome.

i'm diverse y'all!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

another thing i'm good at

i seem to have a knack for making people delete their online profiles. no joke.

last summer, in the midst of yet another unending office afternoon, i logged onto my friendster account for the first time in years. it was not exciting. however, i looked up a guy that i had dated for a couple months and sent him a message that amounted to "how are things?"

when i didn't hear back after 3 days, i decided to look and see if he had logged on (ah the "last login" feature on friendster, how i miss thee) and received my message. and what did i discover? he had fucking deleted his profile. my first thought was, "no no, that would be ridiculous," but i looked on all our mutual friends' pages and he was no longer friends with any of them. seriously. i'm apparently that scary and/or intimidating that instead of responding, or even just ignoring my message, he deleted his profile. DELETED IT.

the other day, cruising around facebook, i found another guy that i dated for like .2 seconds in new york (we made out once on the street and it was really really sloppy and he was a big raging fabulous fag so that ended that), and i thought, hey, why not, and requested him as my friend. i tried to find him today, and what do you know, but he's not there anymore. i'm thinking he probably blocked me or changed his name or something, but i mean, COME ON.

apparently not everyone thinks i am overfl/eoin with awesome.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

So manly

i switched cubes today so that i could be closer to the remaining members of my team (and not have the cfo sitting right behind me). after our computer guy switched my computer and phone, i told him i'd handle the rest of the stuff and began moving my scripts, notebooks, papers, etc.

i have four dolls on my cube wall - qui gon, jar jar, leia (who can barely keep her top on), and mace windu. oh and a tiny bust of darth mall. i had them stacked on my chair, and as i went to grab them, i saw what looked like a small plastic spider on mace windu's face. "huh," i said to myself, "i've never noticed the plastic spider accessory for mace windu."

yeah, that's because it was a real spider. i went to grab the "plastic spider" to look at it, and it jumped onto my finger. i screamed. like a little girl (except a manly girl, because it was at least a deep throat scream and not a girly scream). i jumped up and down. i yelled for jenn to come save me.

i think i managed to scare the spider, because it ran up jar jar's sleeve and then another coworker came and took jar jar outside and set the spider free. jar jar binks to the rescue!

points in my favor:
i was really startled the spider turned out to be real.
it had a fat white butt and little creepy legs - gross.
it was a spider.

points against me:
it was a tiny spider.
i screamed.
i jumped up and down.
it was about 20 minutes before my heart rate came back to normal.

so yeah. there we go. spider wednesdays!